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Kategori: BPM

BPTrends en djuplodande guide inom BPM

Så här skriver Paul Harmon och Celia Wolf sin mission för siten

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Citat ” Mission

Paul Harmon, well known and respected market analyst, editor, consultant and author, and Celia Wolf, business strategist, marketing consultant, and entrepreneur, launched Business Process Trends in 2003 to provide a comprehensive, reliable and unbiased source of information relating to trends, directions and best practices in Business Process. Our goals were, and continue to be to: 

  • Educate and Support the Market including business and IT practitioners and users, corporate managers and senior executives, software and hardware vendors, consulting organizations and standards organizations.
  • Present Information regarding what users are doing, what technologies vendors are developing and delivering, what methodologies are working and what trends and standards are emerging.
  • Provide a Forum for presentation of varying points of view and opposing perspectives on current trends and directions in a rich content environment.
  • Standardize and Support Best Practices across all segments of the market engaged in Business Process ”

Siten har funnits sedan 2003 och innehåller många bra artiklar och man kan gå med och bidra med sina egna insikter.


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Business Applications and BPM

Kay Winkler har skrivit en artikel på om Business Applications and BPM som visar på en del viktiga aspekter man behöver hantera när man arbetar med dessa områden. Den lista på viktiga saker som behöver ses över/hanteras som han lagt in i artikeln är en bra grund att utgå ifrån.

Artikeln hittar du här 

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