Så här skriver Paul Harmon och Celia Wolf sin mission för siten BPTrends.com

Texten är hämtad från: http://www.bptrends.com/about/mission/

Citat ” Mission

Paul Harmon, well known and respected market analyst, editor, consultant and author, and Celia Wolf, business strategist, marketing consultant, and entrepreneur, launched Business Process Trends in 2003 to provide a comprehensive, reliable and unbiased source of information relating to trends, directions and best practices in Business Process. Our goals were, and continue to be to: 

  • Educate and Support the Market including business and IT practitioners and users, corporate managers and senior executives, software and hardware vendors, consulting organizations and standards organizations.
  • Present Information regarding what users are doing, what technologies vendors are developing and delivering, what methodologies are working and what trends and standards are emerging.
  • Provide a Forum for presentation of varying points of view and opposing perspectives on current trends and directions in a rich content environment.
  • Standardize and Support Best Practices across all segments of the market engaged in Business Process ”

Siten har funnits sedan 2003 och innehåller många bra artiklar och man kan gå med och bidra med sina egna insikter.


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